Spain will lift two-week coronavirus quarantine for overseas arrivals from July 1 | Economy And Business | EL PAÍS in English

Welcome news for Spanish timeshare resorts at long last. Travellers will be able to come to Spain without having to spend 14 days in quarantine in Spain. As we publish this article we do not know what the quarantine arrangements for travellers returning to their home countries after their holiday will be. Hopefully these will be relaxed over the coming days as the spread of Covid 19 reduces across Europe.


EUROC ( the European Resort Owners´ Coalition, the official independent, nonprofit making association that stands side by side with timeshare owners and committees from home owner clubs and resorts around the world is holding its AGM & Seminar on November 3 2020 at the Hogarths Hotel, Solihull. Both John & Alex will be attending the event and if you wish to meet with us before or after the event, please contact us to arrange a convenient appointment.

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