Case Studies

Changing Your Trustee

Download our 5 point checklist as to why you should change your Resort Trustee

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Resort in the Canaries

The resort had too many apartments in the Club for the decreasing amount of timeshare owners and rentals
were not making up the difference in the deficit of management fee income.

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A Club in Spain

We have assisted a Club in Spain to change its Constitution so that it has floating weeks and floating time to provide more flexibility so the Club can sell or acquire apartments more easily.

A Club in France

As trustee of a Club in France we are handling the winding up of the Club and the disposal of apartments and distribution of the net sale proceeds to members.

A Timeshare Resort in Canary Islands

As trustee of timeshare resort in the Canary Islands we are dealing with the orderly disposal of apartments and reduction of the size of the Club to ensure its continuing viability.

A Timeshare Resort in Kent

As trustee of a timeshare resort in KentĀ  and with the support of the members we pursued a claim against the adjoining owner which was a hotel with leisure facilities including a golf course to ensure grants to use such facilities free of charge were honoured. The Supreme Court in a landmark decision decided in our favour